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Darine BenAmara3

Darine BenAmara is global speaker, consultant and author who has helped tens of thousands of professionals and entrepreneurs build influence and increase their impact by building their skills in personal branding, effective communication and relationship building.

๐ŸŽ™ International Speaker
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Darine BenAmara

Robert berry21

I help people, mostly auditing & accounting professionals, make better decisions by asking better questions.

Founder of That Audit Guy
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Good Morning LinkedIn is a show about life.

It is entertaining, educational and witty.

Almost no topic is off limits.

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Ever wondered why we applaud leaders for boasting about their achievements at work while frowning upon colleagues who do the same? Join Darine and Robert as they look into the fascinating dynamics of workplace ego on the next episode of Good Morning LinkedIn as we discuss the topic Bragging vs. Boasting: The Unspoken Workplace Dynamics
Executive compensation has sparked countless debates over the years. Join Darine and Robert  this Saturday on Good Morning LinkedIn as they discuss whether CEOs should be obligated to take pay cuts, especially in times of economic strain.
On this episode of Good Morning LinkedIn, we delve into a thought-provoking topic: Profit Over Ethics. Are we adequately protected in North America? We take a look at recent events, including the massive โ‚ฌ370 million fine imposed on TikTok in Europe for privacy violations involving children’s data. From TikTok’s repeated fines to France urging Apple...
Anyone else tired of being beaten up by buzzwords? From quiet quitting to any other crazy alliteration, weโ€™ve seen our share of crazy word combos in 2023 Join Darine and Rob on Good Morning LinkedIn as we talk about (and maybe make fun of ๐Ÿคฃ) the most used Buzzwords in 2023.
Have College degrees become obsolete? About one in five job postings (19%) in the U.S. donโ€™t require a college degree, according to a recent analysis from LinkedIn. Does it mean that going to University has become obsolete? Join Darine and Robert in today’s episode of GOODMORNING LINKEDIN as they discuss this new trend and share...
Are we beginning to embrace failure too much? There is a certain romance to failure. How many people can you name who went broke while attempting various business ventures and are now still broke? Can you write a list of such people, more easily than a list of successful entrepreneurs who overcame immense obstacles to...
Quiet employees and how they are excluded and overlooked from top positions has come to fore in recent years. HR experts argue that the percentage of introverts in top leadership keeps dropping as that of extroverts rises. But should introversion be a barrier to leadership? Join Darine and Robert on today’s LIVE episode of Good...
Ageism is the last bastion of prejudice in the workforce. 33% of people (aged 45 or older) believe their age is putting their job at risk. And, more than 1 in 10 people believe they were passed over for a promotion due to age discrimination Join Darine and Robert as they discuss ageism in the...
In the new (flexible) world of work, burnout rates continue to climb. And, it can no longer be solely associated with the pandemic. Its prevalence suggests it’s here to stay for the long term, even with companies making adjustments in the workplace. Is it impossible to end burnout? Join Darine and Robert on today’s LIVE...
Are people losing their mind at work? It looks like every week there is a new trend at work, always crazier that the one before. What’s going on in the workplace? This question is legit. Join Darine and Robert as they discuss the latest trends in the workplace and try to figure out if people...
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