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Darine BenAmara3

Darine BenAmara is global speaker, consultant and author who has helped tens of thousands of professionals and entrepreneurs build influence and increase their impact by building their skills in personal branding, effective communication and relationship building.

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Darine BenAmara

Robert berry21

I help people, mostly auditing & accounting professionals, make better decisions by asking better questions.

Founder of That Audit Guy
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Good Morning LinkedIn is a show about life.

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2023 is already shaping up to be a big year for us (business managers, entrepreneurs, etc.) With new technologies and shifting customer trends constantly making waves, it’s important to have a strong foundation in communication skills. Are you up to date on the latest communication trends? Join Darine and Robert as they look at the...
Leader or Loser? Jacinda Ardern resigned as prime minister of New Zealand. Some people praise her decision arguing she was not a good enough leader while others applaud her for being authentic. Was her decision the easy way out (she was low in the polls and knew she wouldn’t be reelected)? Or did she demonstrate...
According to Elon Musk, it is “scary good”. ChatGPT has become an extraordinary hit. The AI program can churn out answers to the biggest and smallest questions in life, and draw up college essays, fictional stories, and even job application letters. Since AI is becoming more performant at replicating human skills, concerns are being raised...
Do you have a hard time voicing your thoughts at work? You’re not alone. Confidence can be learned and practiced. Join Robert and Darine as we share 5 ‘practical’ ways to build confidence at work. www.goodmorninglinkedin.com
Do you take your lunch break at or away from your desk? It may surprise you but eating lunch at your desk was legally forbade in France until 2 years ago. Yes! And there is a reason why… In today’s LIVE episode of Good Morning Linkedin, Robert and I are going to discuss the good,...
Don’t you hate going to unnecessary meetings? We’ve all been there, but what’s worse is when you are the one conducting unnecessary meetings at work. ❌ You waste people’s time ❌ You look unprepared ❌ You build trust barriers No one wants this. Join special guest co host Sri Mahabir and I this Saturday on...
Are you still afraid to turn your camera on and speak up in virtual business meetings? If so, you could be limiting your career. Last week, guest co host Sri Mahabir and I talked about the emotional elements stopping people from showing up on camera at work. Always remember… 📷 Your voice has value 📷...
But I don’t want to turn my camera on 🤦🏽‍♂️ Many workers fear being in front of the camera at work, but… There are so many benefits to being visible in work meetings. Join us this week on Good Morning LinkedIn as we discuss ➡️ Common fears to showing up on camera ➡️ Limiting beliefs...
As we cautiously ventured back to real life, the last two years has “woken us up from our work-obsessed culture.” With an increasing demand for flexibility and an increased focus on our personal well-being, has the pandemic killed the ‘Hustle Culture”? Is it a good or bad thing? These are some of the questions we...
What’s the best way to prepare for a big presentation at work? You can’t make an effective presentation if you read from a script, rely too much on notes, or use your slides as cue cards. You have to rehearse well enough so you can give all your attention to the audience. Everybody knows this....
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