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Darine BenAmara is global speaker, consultant and author who has helped tens of thousands of professionals and entrepreneurs build influence and increase their impact by building their skills in personal branding, effective communication and relationship building.

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Darine BenAmara

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I help people, mostly auditing & accounting professionals, make better decisions by asking better questions.

Founder of That Audit Guy
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In the new (flexible) world of work, burnout rates continue to climb. And, it can no longer be solely associated with the pandemic. Its prevalence suggests it’s here to stay for the long term, even with companies making adjustments in the workplace. Is it impossible to end burnout? Join Darine and Robert on today’s LIVE...
Are people losing their mind at work? It looks like every week there is a new trend at work, always crazier that the one before. What’s going on in the workplace? This question is legit. Join Darine and Robert as they discuss the latest trends in the workplace and try to figure out if people...
Rihanna’s performance was the second-most watched halftime show on record. However, she also made the headline after the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) received over 100 complaints claiming the show was “overtly sexual”, “inappropriate for children”, “so indecent”. Join Darine and Robert as they discuss the decline in decency in our society.
Are modern employees asking for too much? After massive layoffs, Google has asked in office workers to share desks. Most people are outraged by this decision. Others think it’s about finding the right balance in the new world of work. Now the question is, what would you have a dedicated desk if you work from...
Why does misinformation “stick” in the public consciousness? In an era where ‘fake news’ is the news, we could think that tech giants would double down on content moderation to protect their users. This is quite the opposite. Join Darine and Robert LIVE on GML as they try to understand why lying has become more...
If ChatGPT can disrupt Google in 2023, what about your company? Major industry disruption usually happens—gradually. But with the release of ChatGPT and other AI, we went through a sudden change. Join Darine and Robert as they take look at the digital disruption dilemma on Good Morning LinkedIn.
Baby boomers’ loyalty and logic has created so many unhealthy standards in our society. Standards that more workers are breaking in their quest for better job satisfaction and work-life balance. Is ‘work-life balance’ a lie we have been told? A myth we are trying to believe in? Join Darine and Robert in today’s new LIVE...
2023 is already shaping up to be a big year for us (business managers, entrepreneurs, etc.) With new technologies and shifting customer trends constantly making waves, it’s important to have a strong foundation in communication skills. Are you up to date on the latest communication trends? Join Darine and Robert as they look at the...
Leader or Loser? Jacinda Ardern resigned as prime minister of New Zealand. Some people praise her decision arguing she was not a good enough leader while others applaud her for being authentic. Was her decision the easy way out (she was low in the polls and knew she wouldn’t be reelected)? Or did she demonstrate...
According to Elon Musk, it is “scary good”. ChatGPT has become an extraordinary hit. The AI program can churn out answers to the biggest and smallest questions in life, and draw up college essays, fictional stories, and even job application letters. Since AI is becoming more performant at replicating human skills, concerns are being raised...
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